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Statement on the Northumberland SEND Inspection

In It Together were very pleased that so many parents and carers took part in the inspection and shared their personal stories, ensuring that the inspectors got to hear from families about their experiences and challenges.

The Inspection has identified a number of key issues on which we will focus in partnership with Officers from the Local Authority, health services, voluntary organisations and local groups. We aim, as always to ensure that a wide range of families are able to input into plans going forward.

We will be holding events and meetings around the county at our Locality meeting venues so that parents views are incorporated into future plans. We want to support Northumberland to improve services, so that the impact is felt on the ground by everyone.

We hope that the culture of parents and professionals working together as equal partners leads to better outcomes for children and young people with additional or SEND.

Our aim is to represent the views of as many families as possible; and continuing to develop recent good co-production with the Local Authority."

Read the report here.

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