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Parent Carer Professional Forum Meetings - previous minutes

The first 2012 meeting was held at Stannington in January and provided some useful discussions.
The minutes of the meeting are here.

The next meeting was held in July. See minutes here.

The first 2013 meeting was held in February. See minutes here.

The second meeting was May 7th and the minutes can be read here.

The next was July 9th and the minutes can be read here. Some additional resources from the meeting -
Additional Needs Review Implementation Programme presentation

Additional Needs Review Implementation Programme meeting notes,

Day Care Provision/Short Break Presentation

The October 8th meeting minutes can be read here. Minutes

Transition Into Adulthood Meeting

Report from the conference is available to download here. There is also a transition flow chart availalbe to download here.

Video footage from this recent event is viewable below, second film is an abridged version

Previous Meetings Information

Our last meetings were held in January.

Alnwick Conference March 2013

In March we held a succesful conference at Alnwick Gardens.
For info see her

Parents Participation Network

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